Here, we invite you on a journey into the archive of our Fashion Store via the Wayback Machine. Buckle up as we travel back into the past to the period from 13th November 2010 to 15th November 2016, a time of collaboration and innovation in fashion.

The Emergence of MykroMag

Before we dive into the depths of this unique collaboration, it’s important to understand the impact MykroMag left on the fashion world. MykroMag was a trendsetter, a voice that filled the air with the sound of innovation and bold expression. With a keen eye for disruptive fashion and an undeniable charm, MykroMag painted the fashion canvas with colours unseen, thus solidifying a permanent footprint on the sands of the art world.

From their first capture on the Wayback Machine on the 13th of November, 2010, MykroMag started a revolution, creating a wave of enthusiastic followers within the fashion industry.

Rad Hourani’s Fashion Sensibilities

Stepping onto the scene, Rad Hourani gave meaning to unisex fashion. His vision transcended sociocultural norms, and his determined spirit led to the creation of a language through which individuals could liberate themselves from traditional constraints.

Rad Hourani’s designs defined more than just trends, they represented a lifestyle. Intricate, well thought-out designs captured the essence of freedom, individuality, and gender neutrality. His entry into the world of fashion added a new dimension and sparked a dialogue that transcended the runway.

The Collision of Visionaries – The MykroMag X Rad Hourani Collaboration

Like the collision of two exotic galaxies, MykroMag and Rad Hourani came together to bring forth a remarkable collaboration. It was a brilliant alignment of stars that created a celestial spectacle. This collaboration, unlike any other, pushed boundaries and inspired a new era of unique, wearable art.

The MykroMag X Rad Hourani line was marked at an accessible 25,00 EUR, which was a testament to the belief that fashion, in all of its forms, should be accessible to everyone. Their collection gave the world a peek into an exhilarating mishmash of distinct fashion sensibilities, straight off the intricate sketches of Rad Hourani and onto the globally acclaimed platform of MykroMag.

The Legacy of The MykroMag X Rad Hourani Collaboration

Brought to the public with the simplicity and security of PayPal, the collaboration told a story of fashion beyond the constraints of time and societal norms. Their union was a grand display of the essence of both MykroMag, the trendsetter, and Rad Hourani, the unisex fashion guru.

As we look back at their fashion journey through the lens of the Wayback Machine, we find ourselves in awe of their lasting impact. Each capture, from November 2010 to November 2016, demonstrates the steady growth and unwavering popularity of the collaboration. Their unconventional approach has set the course for others to follow, making them pioneers in the truest sense.

In the end, the MykroMag X Rad Hourani collaboration is not just a story of two entities coming together – it’s an exploration into the depths of creativity, innovation, and the power of collaboration. It serves as a reminder of a time when two entities dared to lay a stronghold on the fashion landscape and, in the process, conceived a legacy that has influenced countless others.


The MykroMag X Rad Hourani collaboration brought together two different perspectives with a shared belief; fashion is more than just an expression, but a movement. As we navigate through the complexities of today’s fashion world, we can look back at their collaboration as a beacon of inspiration, a symphony of style and purpose, and a testament to the limitless potential of creativity.

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